Dr. Bruck is the President and Founder of the Personal Responsibility Organization.  Dr. Bruck’s lifework has been to help people heal and evolve physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through one-on-one sessions and hundreds of workshops, she has used chiropractic, nutrition, cleansing, and various other natural techniques to heal and brighten the lives of thousands of people throughout Southern New Hampshire over the past 30 years.

She is currently working on plans to expand PRO’s program offerings for children to include one-on-one mentoring. She also anticipates launching our child self-empowerment program at more local elementary and high schools where we can teach students to believe in themselves and to not give into fear, insecurity, or peer pressure.

Dr. Bruck owns Chiropractic Associates, an award-winning chiropractic practice and regenerative medicine center in Manchester, New Hampshire, with her husband, Dr. Thomas Pratt.