PRO Coaching

Successful Living Through Personal Development

PRO Coaching provides empowering tools and processes for self-development. 

Coaches apply the concepts of the Personal Responsibility Organization’s Identity Workshop to work one-on-one with YOU!

 Our Goals

Establish a partnership with our clients     


-Build self-trust & self-awareness    

-Sharpen clarity       

-Gain personal insight    

-Help YOU find balance in your ideal life   


Meet Our Coaches!

Julie Mudd (she/her)

After spending 15 years as a Childbirth Educator, Peer Counselor and Parent Coach, Julie became certified as a Life Coach. With a focus in Peer to Peer Coaching, as well as Parent Coaching. Julie struggled to find the right support, after loss, once she finally had her sons, it was clear there was a deficit in support for new Parents. 

  So today, Julie commits to help YOU build a joy filled life and home, while following your own path to purpose. Having overcome life altering losses of her own and becoming Certified as a Life Coach, as well as a Graduate student of the Identity Workshops, she has all the tools to help YOU do the same thing! With her background in Stand-up Comedy, Julie uses humor as the great equalizer to showcase strategies to communicate even the most difficult of subjects in an engaging and welcoming way. Julie is excited to help YOU drive for effective change and reignite your passion for life!

Demographic: Parent Coaching, New-Child Coaching, Family Coaching, Grief Coaching

Jill Klomp

As a mother to two lovely girls, Jill is able to understand that the family dynamic is always a work in progress. Jill has acquired her bachelors in social work, with a minor in family and children studies from Syracuse University. She has volunteered in prenatal, postnatal, and child growth and development teaching. During this time, she was able to teach these critical skills to families in need. As a compassionate and empathetic volunteer, she was also able to help families who were affected by HIV. More recently, she has worked as an intensive-needs paraprofessional, working with physically handicapped children in schools and residential homes. She has rounded out her experience working with children by connecting with them on a global level: teaching English as a second language to children located in China. 
Jill is the Youth Program Director at the Personal Responsibility Organization. Her goal is to continue using the skills in PRO’s Identity Workshop to help children and teens understand these critical self-development tools at a young age. During coaching sessions, she will infuse the concepts taught in the workshop to match the appropriate age level.

Demographic Expertise: Kids and Teen Coaching, Dynamic Family Coaching, Parent Coaching.

*Each coach is a graduate of PRO’s Identity Workshop, and they have each received certification through ExpertRating or a similar program.