“It is not only your right, but your responsibility to express yourself authentically in the world”

– Identity Workshop Series

Discover New Possibilities in YOUR Life – Partner with a PRO Life Coach!

- Say goodbye to feeling stuck

A Confident Child Grows Into A Confident Adult.


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Our Signature Programs

Finding your identity


In this 10-week workshop series you’ll learn how to take your life back. Use your body, energy and strength to take charge of who you are in the world.


Identity Teen is an interactive workshop that helps teens get excited about their lives and themselves. This is a stepping stone to begin building their individuality and empowerment as a young adult.

Identity Kids

Self-empowerment isn’t just for adults! This interactive workshop teaches kids 6-12 years old how to trust themselves and make confident choices.

Fulfillment comes from using yourself well once you understand who you are and respect what you need.

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About Pro

The mission of the Personal Responsibility Organization (PRO) is to facilitate the development of self-ownership through the empowerment of kids, teens and adults.

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