Our Story

In November 2010, Dr. Robin Jean Bruck and Mark Reeder, MA, LPC began teaching the IDENTITY Workshop Series which was based on the premise of successful living through self-trust. This two-weekend series gained quick popularity in the greater Manchester, NH area and a Graduate Identity Workshop was developed within a year.

In the spring of 2014, a Kids Identity Workshop was developed for children ages 6-12. In March 2015, Andrea Paquette, APRN joined PRO and began teaching the Identity Parenting Workshop. This program was developed to provide parents with tools to help their kids shine and learn to trust themselves. In 2017 we piloted three new workshops, a Teen Identity program, a Relationship Workshop and an Escaping Victimhood Workshop. The Teen Identity Workshop had record attendance of 30 teens.

From the onset, Dr. Bruck had a vision to be able to offer these self-development workshops to adults and especially children who wanted to learn to believe in and trust themselves but could not afford to do so. In 2017, she filed to transform all of the Identity programs into a 501c3 nonprofit. As a nonprofit, Personal Responsibility Organization can now offer scholarships and accept donations.

In January 2018, we celebrated teaching our 50th adult Identity Class. We launched our new INTEGRITY Workshop Series in the spring which focuses on topic specific challenges faced by modern-day professionals and what is required in order to move through them with power and confidence. 

We have two main focuses for the fall/winter of 2018 – to launch our new life coaching program for adults, and to complete the development of our kids and teen one-on-one mentoring programs. Both of these offerings will help both adults and children more deeply integrate what they learn in our workshops

The future vision for PRO is clear – to assist as many adults and kids as possible in becoming confident and expressing themselves powerfully in the world.