Identity Workshop Series​

The Identity Workshop Series helps you uncover your blocks to happiness and fulfillment in life. You will learn simple but powerful tools to get to the root of your problems. It is a safe and empowering space for self-discovery, and practicing self-responsiveness.

These self-development workshops are designed to connect you with the strengths, talents and abilities you were born with. We don’t tell you what they are or what you’re meant to do with them – we’re here to help YOU connect with YOU so that you become the true authority in your life. We facilitate that connection – you decide how it works in your life.

This no-nonsense workshop explains why you feel different than so many people. It teaches you how you are designed energetically, emotionally and physically. You will learn that your body carries its own knowledge and wisdom that helps steer and guide you away from making choices that are not in sync with who you are. You will learn tools to use who you are to create what you want and understand the impact of pushing yourself in a direction your head wants but you don’t.

You will learn how to let go of self-criticism, self-doubt and emotional pain. You will understand the growth process and develop new attitudes, outlooks, ideas and perspectives that are unique to you. Learn how to use your energy effectively and how to avoid blocking it. Learn how to embrace who are and get what you need and want in life. With growth comes obstacles with family and friends, Identity teaches you the skills to embrace the new you and work through these obstacles while staying strong.

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Graduate Identity

Having taken the Identity workshop you have now acquired the fundamentals, the tools and the groundwork to address many life issues. Yet, since each of us is unique there continue to be challenges with life, relationships and career. There is simply no “cookie cutter” answer. Graduate Identity is a one day workshop tailored to address your individual questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. While most people are looking for a way to make the symptoms go away, Identity participants are looking for answers to address the root-cause of their problems.

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