How did I get here

Why Would I Take Identity?

You are the only true authority in your life. You likely were neither told this nor taught to take advantage of this truth. You might have been taught the opposite: that there are other, wiser people or institutions out there designed to show you the right way to think and believe. The promise was that if you followed these wisdoms, you would lead a life of security, comfort and possibly more.

This approach actually works successfully for most people and you probably know many people for which it does; it is not invalid in and of itself. These outer authorities are actually important because the majority of people are not born with an inner compass and the knowledge of how to lead themselves to a place of fulfillment. However, there are a small portion of people, like yourself, who are born with these tools and knowledge. Teachings that instruct us not to trust ourselves strip us from our inborn strengths and talents and eventually leave use feeling forced into an airtight box, enslaved by the interests of others (loved ones, employers or belief systems), and disconnected from who we are.